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Are Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Safe

Many people take anti-inflammatory drug daily to combat a variety of aches and pains. Whether you have headaches, back troubles, or any achy joint pain many doctors recommend taking ibuprofen which is one of the available anti-inflammatory drugs.

Naproxen (over the counter as Aleve), or a Cox-2 Inhibitor with the brand name Celebrex is the other one. Advil is the most widely used brand name of ibuprofen that you can buy directly from the drug store.

So if you have chronic daily pain, and have to take these medications on a daily basis, how safe are they for long term use? 

The opinions by medical professionals are mixed on this one about NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The FDA though is very clear on the risk factors involved, and in 2005 they required each of the manufacturers of these types of drugs to print the specific risks right on the packaging.

Anti-Inflammatory Drug Side Effects

Stomach problems are a common side effect of using some anti-inflammatory medications. The best way to handle that is to remain vigilant about not taking over the right dosage. Sometimes ulcers can be created due to long term use of these drugs. If you know that you are prone to getting ulcers you might want to take to your doctor about other medication options.

Kidney damage due to the fact that the body metabolizes the drug through the kidneys can cause some long term damage if the person taking it isn’t careful with the proper dosage. Even if you are just taking them in the short term for a fever or headache you need to be aware of the potential problems these NSAIDs might cause for you if you are prone to the adverse effects.

Are Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Safe?

The worst outcome might be this...some people when just starting an NSAID program may be unable to tolerate the drug, and have heart problems immediately. A heart attack or stroke in the first few weeks is of major concern. Talk to your doctor about your risk factors in either of these worst case scenarios.

There are other alternative ways to manage pain instead of using anti-inflammatory drugs each day. Meditation, exercise, and different medications can be used instead of anti-inflammatory drugs to manage pain. It’s especially important to see a pain management doctor if you have a condition that causes widespread, daily pain that makes it hard to go about your life in a normal way.

If you or someone you love has taken these types of drugs, suffered the side effects, or even worse has died from taking these medications then you should talk to an attorney about your options in filing a lawsuit. Don’t suffer needlessly in silence if you can obtain a settlement that can aid you in getting on with your life. You don’t want to wait to talk to a lawyer about your case since there is a better chance of settling the sooner you do.

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